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[info]newamsterdam [10 Mar 2030|11:11am]
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[10 Mar 2020|11:11am]
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what tv shows were you late to the party with? what movies have you discovered lately? [31 Dec 2016|10:10am]
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i've spent my christmas break traveling and that always inevitably leads to long, sleepless nights in a hotel room curled up with netflix (or let's be honest, putlocker). i have weird taste in films, i don't have a favorite genre although dark comedies will always have a special place in my heart.

there are a few movies that i just really enjoy that some of you may not have seen or heard about. check them out if you have the time. i'll include trailers so you aren't just taking my word for it. if there are any movies that you want to recommend to a lonely writer, have at it. i'm looking for new material.

even if i just started once upon a time. oh hey does this prince charming storyline fade out pretty soon???

7 psychopaths

i. love. sam. rockwell. he is phenomenal in this movie. it's a dark comedy. a hilarious dark comedy. i like to watch this one when i'm feeling down and out and a little drunk. christopher walken makes this movie something really special. there are just too many memorable lines and scenes. you'll fucking love it.

leaves of grass

edward norton at his fucking finest. even better than that movie where he was a cowboy that wanted evan rachel wood. wait, was that a movie or a terrible dream? anyway. ed plays twins and the distinctions between the brothers are masterful. this is another dark comedy. it's funny at times but also pointed and can tug at the feels.

sin city: a dame to kill for

i'm pretty sure this one is self explanatory. i love the look and feel of this film. even if it took a long time, i think it's an awesome sequel. prequel. all over the place-quel. anyone else sad that brittany murphy died and shelly's storyline was written out?

time lapse

this was one of those late night netflix choices that didn't leave me wishing for the last two hours of my life back. it was startlingly so fucking good and the girl from sky high grew up real cute?

we need to talk about kevin

this. movie. floored. me. i'm not really a "kid" person. i mean, i love my niece and nephew and technically i'm a teacher, but. i don't like kids and this really just reaffirmed that. seeing this mom's emotional breakdowns and detachments and just wow. that would be me. just my luck. it's an incredible movie whether you like kids or not.

tucker and dale vs evil

hilarity ensues. this is yet another late night choice that had me giggling to myself and groaning when appropriate. it's cheesy af. it's meant to be one of those b horror films with gore but it's poking fun at the whole thing. love it. you'll love it too. get stoned first.
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